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"Stories don't give answers, but they do offer perspective."-Dan Allender In this ground-breaking resource, you will hear the stories of four men. Not because they are extraordinary men, but because their stories will lend perspective to your life and purpose. Bart Hansen, Craig McConnell, Gary Barkalow, and John Eldredge begin by tracing desire throughout their lives--the awakening, deepening, and fulfillment of desire, leading to the roles they are in today. Desire, however, is never enough. ... God must also heal our wounded heart.  So each man also tracks God's pursuit of healing and restoration in their lives.  A third factor in understanding and living out our purpose/calling is spiritual warfare. We have an enemy who, fearing the weightiness of our life, barrages us with accusation, condemnation, and confusion very specific to our role. If we do not understand his attack and resist, we will be taken out in this battle over our heart and for the hearts of others. Gary, John, Bart, and Craig talk about the spiritual assault they must continually fight and the breakthrough they have found. Preserved in a 2 CD set, not only will these men's stories and questions give you personal perspective, they will give you insight into the life and calling of others.  

Breakthrough to Purpose

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