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The old saying is true.... Opposites attract. How to stay attracted... is the dilemma! When God created man and woman, he couldn’t have created two more different lovers. Sometimes the result is romance, sometimes … it’s disaster. Rather than trying to figure each other out, we decided to simply ask, "How does a woman want to be loved by a man? How does a man want to be loved by a woman?"  In this conversation John and Stasi Eldredge, Craig and Lori McConnell, Gary and Leigh Barkalow, and Lynn Todd share openly and candidly about love and sex and life together. In Loving a Man we had the guys come into the studio (our basement) and talk about how they want to be loved as a man--what they wish their women understood about them. The gals listened in, then joined the conversation. Loving a Woman  follows the same format.  The gals begin, revealing what they long for from a man--what they wish their men understood about women.  After listening, the men participate in frank, open discussion. We all learned a lot from recording these conversations, and we think you’ll find it really helpful--the second volume in our Conversations with Ransomed Heart series. 

Loving a Man, Loving a Woman

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