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Restoring Hope in a Woman’s Heart speaks to the longing that every woman has. Every woman wants God to replace the pain, sorrow, and fear in her life with hope, joy, and dignity. ... Is it too much to ask? Our lives are meant to be a journey into the heart of God and a journey into becoming the women we were created to be. It’s a journey of restoration. And like all journeys, our lives are filled with mystery and messiness, joy and hardship, beauty, and disappointments. And many opportunities to turn back. Still, God keeps calling us ... further up ... further in. Further up--into a life lived with intentional faith. Further in--to believing His true heart for us. And what is the desire of God's heart for us? His desire ... is to love us, father us, and reveal Himself to us along the way. Come! Listen in. Hear Stasi Eldredge, Leigh Barkalow, and Lori McConnell share what they have been learning about our God as they grow in trusting Him--as their hearts increasingly choose Jesus in the midst of pain. Hearts like yours--longing to be restored to the fullness of Life!   

Restoring Hope in a Woman's Heart

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