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"Therefore we do not lose heart," Paul says (2 Cor. 4:1). The phrase has stopped us in our tracks more than once. Somebody knows how not to lose heart??! We are all ears. It is hard to live from the heart in this world ... and harder still to try and keep your heart alive when everyone around you is shutting down. How do we keep from losing heart? How do we live openly and honestly with our hopes and desires, without pretending and without denial, and experience the life of God in us? How do we live with disappointment and still find real joy? In this conversation, John Eldredge, Craig McConnell, and Bart Hansen talk openly about the things they face that tempt them to lose heart and how God is helping them to discover what Paul knew--how not to lose heart. More than that ... How to live with a heart that is alive and free.  

How not to loose heart

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