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If we were to pick one word to describe God's will for your life--that word would be Restoration. Christianity is the power of God to restore His originally glorious creation to all it was meant to be. You see--there’s far more to the Christian life than just forgiveness, and there's far more to the work of Christ than the Cross. Yes, Jesus came to die for us. It is an act of love unparalleled in the history of the world. But Jesus, also, rose from the dead. And the power of His resurrection is what most people are missing in their lives--the power of real Life. The power of restoration and healing, the power to live as we were meant to live. And there is more... Christ also ascended to the throne. All authority in heaven and earth is His, ... and He has shared it with us. That's how we triumph over the Enemy. That's how we bring His kingdom ... in His Name. Come and discover the power of the full work of Christ. The power to restore you--as a woman or a man whose life is filled with the radiance of God. 

The Work of Christ

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