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I feel there is some purpose to my life--that I have something significant to contribute--but I can't see it." This is the reality that most of us live in. Our purpose seems to be veiled ... or hidden. We take personality tests, spiritual gift indicators and career assessments, and yet, they seem to help very little. Why?  Because--we have misunderstood what our purpose, our calling, is. It's not just about a job or the best use of our skills or education. ...  Because our calling is fiercely opposed. We have an enemy who fears what we may become. ... And because it's also about a journey. A journey we must take with God--to become the man or woman who is able to handle the weightiness and splendor of our life. Unveiling Your Purpose is a single CD in which Gary Barkalow gives an overview of the discovery, development, and journey of your purpose. Listen.  Come to know this truth for yourself: What you most want to do ... is what you were created to do! It's already written on your heart. 

Unveiling your Purpose

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